As I was driving into work this morning listening to the radio from my fantastic ’88 DAAadge ram guesstimating my speed based on the angry faces of those passing me as my speedometer definitely does not work, on the radio came a discussion about a laundromat/bar located in godknowswhere Saskatchewan. Not only was it a place to bring your dirty ginch AND drink while you wait; it also had a feature where a light would go off above your bar stool when your laundry cycle was done.

Okay, before we continue I must explain about my truck and clear my name slightly as I am not truely a redneck (ok, only some times I wear a trucker hat and plaid shirt while I drive it)… it is a winter beater — and the more disgusting and horrendous the vehicle, the more street cred you get for having the balls to be seen in public driving it. Clearly I am a regular pimp of the beaters.

"Ron Burgandy" - pretty much the most awesome truck on the planet

As they were chatting about this spectacular sounding bar where chores meet drinking problem, the radio guy took a call from a listener who called in to say that this place is still around! And I quote (well, kinda quote as best as I can remember for 7:45 in the morning) “this place is still operating in all it’s glory… my mother has the face of a brown cat” *click*

Both the radio guy and myself must have sat staring at the radio for a couple seconds before bursting out into tears laughing.

I don’t know why but this statement just made my day. And that is the story of how this blog got it’s name.